It seems that the last 20 years our society has been so focussed on a narrow concept of “progress” driven by liberals and their powerful media, that much that defines our traditions and our culture has been sacrificed in the process.

While we should embrace human rights with a serious commitment, the rush to recognise and embrace what is often labelled as “diversity” has become little more than a mantra that few oppose or analyse. Ultimately personal freedoms need to be balanced with the needs of the greater good of society. We believe this and the fact that we have prisons proves it. But seems that liberals have become so obsessed with individual rights and entitlements there is now too little focus on obligations and personal responsibility. This encourages a “me me me” society that thinks that “respect” is an old fashioned concept that is entirely optional..

Well respect is not old fashioned! It is, however, a dwindling resource but it remains the required building block to the very foundation of society. Society needs social values that glue us together but the preoccupation with a concept of diversity that excuses responsible behaviour within boundaries melts that glue. We must balance individual rights that make life worth living, with social values that make a world worth living in!

Breaking down tradition and cultural values is a liberal obsession and far too few challenge this obsession due to the preoccupation with the holy cow of political correctness. Those aspects of identity created by society over hundreds of years have a function and they will not be replaced in a few years if they are undermined and destroyed.


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