The thinking that lies behind the belief that animals are less entitled to be treated as fellow earthlings is the same delusional belief that that one person is worth less than another because of his race, sex or ethnicity.

Know what actions you still need to correct due to your culture, or your parents, or the marketing you have been exposed to etc, just remember that ALL CHANGE is a journey and it will only START when you comprehend the great universal truth of us all being an interconnected energy… (and no that is not all airy-fairy) but if that is too wishy-washy for you, just start with compassion and respect. At least we can surely agree with that!
Do unto others … is not only relevant to people but to all earthlings and to earth itself.

Deep down inside we all KNOW this truth and we always have but ideologies created by man have created the delusional belief that we are masters of the universe (LOL) not a mere part if it. This belief has set us on the path to the “care less” nature of man in the world today, and the crisis we have created.

And oh boy what a crisis it is…

Awareness sadly seems to have become a luxury as we seek escapism in what will destroy us all if we do not wake up …
you and me… we have to collectively rise from the fog of deceit we have created in our happily never after existence.

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