#NewZealandMassacre – What a horrific tragedy – and I saw the video and I regret it – it is as chilling and sickening as any ISIS beheading – utterly chilling. I certainly will not ad a link to them! These were cold-blooded executions committed by a cold calculated and a disturbingly calm maniac.

Having watched the video I can’t help think that the killer seemed to act like he was a character in one of these hideously violent video games. One has to wonder what effect these video ‘games are having on disturbed minds but this is not likely to be raised by liberal media as an issue worth debating!

We should, of course, all remember the critical difference between any ideology (be that political or religious) and the rights of an individual to always be treated as an individual. Such recognition requires a level of educated awareness however, and sadly ignorant individuals will not comprehend the difference. I know this as a gay person who frankly has no time for the gay rights movement that has been hijacked by the ultra-liberal left.

The focus on the pervasive liberal media is now moving quickly to use this tragedy to concentrate on attacking conservative and nationalist leaders as sharing responsibility for the actions of this evil maniac. Have you watched CNN’s reporting? This opportunity is being based on the killers ranting “manifesto” and his embarrassing association and mentions of organisations and leaders that he supports but who would never support him!

Society should not be sidetracked by those who take advantage of such an evil tragic event for their own agenda.

We need to look at far broader issues of what gives rise to the hatred of people that are not like us, be they gay or Tutsi or Hindu or (as in the case of South Africa) white. The clash of cultures and competing values and the lack of honest debate and social support structures in our society are by far the bigger issue that we cannot responsibly simply label a “lack of tolerance” that totally denies the real problems society faces with rampant changes that undermine the stability of society and social values.

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