Over thousands of years, our Judeo Christian culture evolved into what we call our Western Culture and it has dominated the planet for the last few hundred years. The success of our Western Culture has been based on a unique mix of REASON (Science) together with FAITH (Religion) and despite the inherent conflict, it has ultimately not been a choice between one or the other but accepting the necessity of both.

This success has also had its victims, wiping out entire cultures that in Darwinian terms, did not have the evolutionary strength to compete and survive. Rational people are sympathetic to this and do have empathy. I for one as a Capetonian feel regret at the obliteration of the Khoi and San people. However, the wrongs do not justify the irrational self-loathing that I see in European liberal politics and which is infecting the youth. One of the chants at a US university recently in an anti-Trump demonstration was “Hey, hey, ho, ho, ‘Western Civ’ has got to go!”.

It is clear that culturally we have been victims of our own success. There are those who are looking for an answer to the negatives of our success in a way that actually seeks to destroy our success and not to modify it. What we have done to our planet is giving many a sense of desperation and as a person who regards themselves to be an animal and environmental activist I certainly understand the frustration but I will fight the embrace of an ideology that seeks to destroy our gains most important of which are our human rights.

We cannot accept the ignorance that creates the social lunacy that encourages tolerance to ideologies that threaten human rights, that threatens the freedom of individuals, and threatens the nations to which we belong, yet seeks to silence those who value it with that repetitive playing of the race card or the fascist card. This is the ignorance of those chanting “Hey, hey, ho, ho, ‘Western Civ’ has got to go!”.

Those who are infected with this self-loathing psychosis, like to defend anything that undermines our society and its many great and glorious achievements. In truth they would prefer to see Notre Dame pulled down than restored, they would rather see the repressive religion of Islam make gains in Europe with Mosques replacing churches rather than protect our Judeo Christian heritage. They would rather support visits by repressive evil dictators from Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Zimbabwe, Venezuela etc rather than the elected (and very unlikeable) current President of the USA. They would rather promote increased taxation than rewarding the effort of those who work and in so doing they would rather increase the dependence of people on the state rather than support the family as the natural foundation of our society.

I could write a long list of other examples that reflect this desire, championed by the liberal left and the liberal political elite and the media they control. They want to damage our culture and our national identity rather than value it and deal with real issues based on that truly unique and incredible balance of FAITH AND REASON and not faith OR reason.

On a personal level, as a gay person and an atheist, I am aware that I often find myself in conflict with other gay people and atheists who have bought into the agenda of Identity Politics. Identity Politics is a deliberate product of cultural marxism cooked up by the liberal left in academia and the political left to advance their agenda! It encourages society and individuals to see the world from an absurdly narrow identity perspective. So you should see the world as a ‘woman’ or you should see the world as a ‘gay’ person or a ‘transgender’ person or a ‘worker’ or a ‘black’ person and this is just absurd! It actively seeks to limit our own individuality over the perceived group identity to understand the world like Marx’s convenient understanding of class as the only way to see the human world.

I have learned to live with labels like right-wing, fascist, racist by those who have no clue what these demeaning and offensive words mean. They are thrown at people who have (mostly) Libertarian views at the drop of a hat! But many of the words used such as nationalist and patriot I wear as a badge of honour. That the terms ‘nationalist’ and ‘patriot’ are intended as insults is a sad confirmation of the success of Identity Politics which like Marxism is big on sound bites that are so great for social media where real debate is avoided.

To those that shout “Hey, hey, ho, ho, ‘Western Civ’ has got to go!”, I am your enemy! Know that and know that I am proud to be your enemy!

* The image I used in this post is the burning of the library of Alexandria. While there may have been various fires the final destruction of the library was in 642 when Alexandria was captured by the Muslim army under Amr ibn al-As. Arabic sources claim the Caliph Omar ordered the destruction of the library. It is the same behaviour we see by Islamist extremists nearly two thousand years later. But the fall of all great civilisations is aided and abetted by traitors – something we should never forget.

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